2012 – The collaboration begins

Korodur came in touch with CyBe’s vision and the companies started working together.

2013 – Stronger together

“The challenge was to create a mortar, that would dry quickly enough, but at the same time be extremely stable.”

2014 – Free form

After two years of a “trial and error” approach, we were finally able to master the formulation for today’s innovative CyBe MORTAR and print the first prototypes.

2016 – Manholes

We´ve acquired our first project: Design & Engineering of building based on material properties.

2017 – Laboratory for Drones (R&Drone), Dubai

Printing the R&Drone Laboratory executed by CyBe in order for DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority).

2017 – Improve marine life

Achieve fast increases in local fish population, rehabilitation, coral reef, and algae growth

2017 – 3D Housing 05 in Milan

Printing 3D Housing 05 in Milan.

2018 – 7 days to success

Printed 3D Studio 2030 in only one week. Thanks to a world-first project with CCC (Consolidated Contractors Company) for the Ministry of Housing in Saudi Arabia.

2018 – Sit back and relax

At the request of Dura Vermeer a serie of 5 concrete city benches are printed in the Netherlands

2019 – Vergaderfabriek, Netherlands

By 3DCP, the Vergaderfabriek achieves 40% less CO2 emissions and a waste reduction of 70% in comparison with traditional methods.

2019 – Concrete and wood combined benches

Printed pre-cast benches and placed in the city centre of Oss, the Netherlands.

2020 – La Sphère, Normandy, France

Printing La Sphère in Harfleur, Normandy, France.

2020 – Self-contained toilets

Aizawa (partner of CyBe) printed on site, with locally developed CyBe Mortar, two types of restrooms in Sapporo’s Park. Meeting Goal 6 of the Social Development Goals of the United Nations.

2020 – MEET 3D Villa

CyBe’s partner MEET (Middle East Engineering Technologies) finished the construction of the MEET 3D Villa located in the heart of SRTIP – Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park.

2020 – Hands-on training and first local production New Zealand

During the 10-day training CyBe and our partner Qorox worked on 3Dcp projects. Furthermore Qorox was qualified to start their first local production of CyBe Mortar by using regional raw materials. CyBe Mortar is designed to meet economic, ecological, and high-quality standards.